Things, Links and Graphs

A Thing is the base element of a Limada.ThingGraph.

A Thing is used as a vertice (or node) of a graph with
- a unique ID (uuid)
- a generic Data property

IThing {
   Id Id

IThing<T>:IThing {
   T data

A Link is a labeled edge, and based on IThing. The label, called marker, is a Thing by itself.

Limaki.Graph.IEdge<T> {
   T Root
   T Leaf

: Limaki.Graph.IEdge<IThing>, IThing {
   IThing Marker;

The Marker provides meaningful information about the link (semantics).

In other words, a Link is a triple of Things: a Root, a Leaf and a Marker thing. The Root is the described thing (subject), the Leaf is a thing that is somehow related to the Root (object); the marker indicates what kind of relation between root and leaf exists (predicate).

Eg. The leaf-thing is the name of the root-thing in case the root-thing is a person; or someone the person knows, etc. etc.

The definition of a link seem very simple:

The usage of a link is

The consequences of this design are:

The Marker-Things can be defined in Schemes, which are collections of Things used to describe relations between things.

A ThingGraph is a Limaki.Graph<IThing>.